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Bueno Amigos, pues lo prometido es deuda y aquí, están las primeras canciones, espero que les agraden y si es así háganmelo saber enviandome un e-mail.

Pero antes de inciciar, quisiera compartir con ustedes el prólogo del autor del libro donde saqué la letra y empieza así:

The Silence of Flooded Houses
By Richard Brautigan

Earlier this year here in Montana the Yellowstone River was flooding down below the Carter Bridge. The river kept rising day after day until it was flowing through houses. The became like islands in the river and there was a strange awkward loneliness to them because these were places where people had bee living (laughing, crying, love and death) only a few days before and now they were just part of the Yellowstone River.

Every time I passed by those houses on my way into town, i would get a very sad feeling and some words would come to my mind. They were always the same words,"The Silence of Flooded Houses." They repeated themselves over and over again. I soon accepted them as part of the way into town.

I´ll use those words for something someday, I would think afterwards, but I didn´t know what that something would be or when that day would come.

Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the
                                                 church where a wedding has been,
                                                 lives in dream.
                                                 Waits at the window, wearing the face
                                                 that she keeps in a jar by the door,
                                                 Who is it for?

                                                 Father McKenzie, writing the words of a
                                                 sermon that no-one will hear,
                                                 No-one comes near.
                                                 Look at him working, darning his socks
                                                 in the night when there´s nobody there,
                                                 What does he care?

                                                 Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was
                                                 buried along with here name.
                                                 Nobody came.
                                                 Father McKenzie, wiping the dirt from
                                                 his hands as he walks from the grave,
                                                 No-one was saved.

NoCanciónÁlbum en el que aparecióAño
0Una breve historia muy a la "Beatle"--------------------------------------
1I saw her standing therePlease PleasmeAbril 1963
2MiseryPlease PleasmeAbril 1963
3Ask me whyPlease Please meAbril 1963
4Please please mePlease Please meAbril 1963
5Love me doPlease Please meAbril 1963
6PS I love youPlease Please meAbril 1963
7Do You Want to Know a secret?Please Please meAbril 1963
8There´s a placePlease Please meAbril 1963
9From me to yousingleAbril 1963
10Thank you girlsingleAbril 1963
11I´ ll be on my wayPor Billy J Kramer y los DakotasAbril 1963
12Tip of my tonguePor Tommy Quickly Julio 1963
13Bad to mePor Billy J Kramer y los DakotasAbril 1963
14She loves youPlease Please meAbril 1963

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